Northwest Side Housing Center Launches #MyBelmontCragin Photo Contest

In Celebration of the ongoing Quality of Life Plan and the recently unveiled Belmont Cragin Community Banners, Northwest Side Housing Center is proud to announce the launch of the #mybelmontcragin photo contest! What does Belmont Cragin mean to you? Belmont Cragin can mean many things to many people. For some, Belmont Cragin is a place where they live, work, worship, or play. But, to many, growing up and living in Belmont Cragin is special.

How do you participate in #mybelmontcragin? It’s simple! Take a picture in Belmont Cragin, post it to Facebook and tag it #mybelmontcragin. The picture can be of anything you want: your family, your favorite park in Belmont Cragin, your favorite hangout, or something else entirely. Be creative! Tell us what Belmont Cragin means to you and why you took the photo you did. We (NWSHC) will share the photo and whichever photo gets the most total likes on Facebook following the conclusion of our upcoming Quality of Life Plan Community Meeting (Sometime in early-to-mid December) will be awarded the winner and a $100 Visa Gift Card!

Rules and Guidelines:

By entering, participants acknowledge and to fair use of any photos posted to Facebook with the hashtag #mybelmontcragin for the duration of the contest period. Sponsor reserves the right to terminate, suspend, or modify the contest if it determines that for any reason the contest is not capable of running as originally planned, or distribution errors, or any other unanticipated causes or occurrences have compromised the integrity of the contest. The acceptance/rejections of certain photos of the contest are subject to the sponsor. Anything deemed inappropriate will not be considered. To be a part of the contest, the photo must be posted to Facebook and must contain the hashtag #mybelmontcragin.


MyBelmontCragin Sample 2 (002) MyBelmontCragin Sample 1 (002) MyBelmontCragin Sample 3 (002)

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